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Optimus Prime Issue #2 Preview

Happy New Year!!

We'd like to wish all our followers and TF fans around the world a very happy and prosperous new year, let's forget about last year and move on, move forward!


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Rescue Bots - Roll to the Exit?

The popular Transformer series for pre-schoolers that has found much fandom among the older fans, confirms that the fourth season may well and truley be the last. D.C. Douglas (The voice of Chase on the show) has tweeted the cast and crew wrap party and possibly series after 100 episodes unless the Discovery Family Channel picks it up. Already some small fan-operated campaigns to keep it going!


As an older fan who has recently embraced it and found it more entertaining than RID, introducing it to pre-school ages, there is something utterlly endearing about the show, it doesn't seem to try-hard and is incredibly sweet! So make your voice heard itf you want to keep the series going!


Would you like to see Rescue Bots continue?

First: Transformers The Last Knight Footage

Imax's ten year partnership with Transformers concludes with what could be Michael Bay's Final Transformers movie, to celebrate Imax have released a featurette that shows of some of the first footage from the fifth and latest film, The Last Knight.


Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled! But, if you don't mind seeing a tiny slither of footage, (Good name for a Transformer?), then be sure to click here.

In hand images of Titans Return - Wave 3 Deluxes: Hot Rod Triggerhappy Breakaway and Twinferno


Thanks to snakas blog site, they've given the first early in-hand images of Titans Returns' deluxe class Hot Rod, Triggerhappy, Breakaway and Twinferno, which also includes both alt mode shots as well as looks inside their cockpits in their respective alternate mode as well! Click here to see the full gallery!


The Last Knight Optimus Prime Figure?

Once again thanks to snakas' blog site fans have images of what might be the voyager class version of the latest film's Optimus Prime? To add to the confusion it was shown next to the Age of Extinction/Lost Age Leader class toy of Optimus in his knightly garb.


Very recently there was the leak of the color test of the toy also. (In every possible detail!)

New Transformers Fighting Game From Kabam?

Details are sketchy but, a facebook ad has appeared following news earlier this month with Hasbro announcing that they’d partnered with Kabam to develop a “AAA massively multiplayer mobile game” for mobile. The ad itself leads to nowhere but a a faux iTunes description, but that description has a handfulof images ands some details. Dubbed "Transformers: Forged to Fight", the game promises action with a wide roster of characters from across the Transformers multiverse, “from the original 1980s cartoon to the blockbuster Michael Bay films, and everything in between.”


There will also be a base building element and PVP alliances, though these aren’t described in any real detail. (If you want to play a base building Transformers game, be sure to check out Transformers: Earth Wars).

Wonderfest Summer 2016 - Licensed Transformers Goods: Prime 1 Studio Statues And Ultimetal Ultra Magnus

Winderfest 2016 shows some of the licensed Transformers works, mostly focused on Prime 1 Studios statues including Optimus Primal, G1 Optimus Prime and Megatron along with a Nemesis Prime redeco, and several movie based ones like Shockwave and a Nemesis Prime redeco. It also includes Ultimetal Ultra Magnus (In its basically fully assembled state only though.)


Check out all 23 images: here!



Check out that huge Megatron statue though! Now that's how you design a modern Megatron!

Why Is Optimus Prime Battling a Dragon in Transformers: The Last Knight?

A new billboard poster for Transformers 5: The Last Knight has gone up in Times, Square, New York; ..and wait is that a dragon Prime is fightng? Could Megatron be a metallic Dragon this time round? There is a Decepticon flag in the background also. Click on the picture to the right to see it at full size.

Who ARE the Renegades?


During the 14 year lifespan of our message board and contuing through via this website, The Renegades have been our third fictional roleplay faction since 2002.


Who are they though? What are they about and why do they call themselves neither Autobots or Decepticons?


Click the faction symbol below to find out more, or click the "Renegdes" link in out main menu!



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